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Since 1974, the American Canal Society has produced several American Canal Guides covering some regions of the United States.  This series is not complete, but pdf versions of the several guides are available below:

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An as yet unrealized part of this project are guides to the more canalized areas of the US and Canada as listed below.  To use the power of the internet to advance this project, draft (sketchy) files of these guides will be developed and posted here.  As added material is written, it will be added from time to time.  Anyone wishing to help can contact the editor, Bill Trout.

  1. New England       Revised  12/17/04
  2. The Midwest       Revised  12/22/04
  3. Canada
  4. Ohio & Indiana    Revised  9/2/04
  5. New York    New 1/17/05 - added to 1/18/05
  6. Pennsylvania    Revised 1/16/05
  7. New Jersey    Revised 1/15/05

Any of these underlined and shown blue will have a draft available by clicking on the link.

These are pdf files and the Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view them.   If you don’t have it, it is a free download at www.adobe.com.

Anyone wishing to work on further guides is asked to contact the guide editor, William Trout III, 3806 S. Amherst Hwy, Madison Heights, VA 24572, 252-301-1747    Bill@vacanals.org


In addition to the above on-line guides, we want to point out that several printed guides exist to various canals as follows:

  1. Delaware Canal (PA) - Guide to the Delaware Canal (8th edition 2004) by Willis M. Rivinus, $ 9.00 incl. s/h from the Friends of the Delaware Canal, 145 South Main Street, New Hope, PA 18938  www.fodc.org or from the National Canal Museum   www.canals.org  UPDATED

  2. Lehigh Canal (PA) - A Guide to the Lehigh Canal by David G. Barber, $ 10.00 + s/h available from the National Canal Museum   www.canals.org

  3. Morris Canal (NJ) - Guide to the Morris Canal (in Warren County) by Joseph Macasek, $ 12.00 available from the National Canal Museum    www.canals.org

  4. Morris Canal (NJ) - Field Guide to the Morris Canal of New Jersey by Jakob Franke, $25.00 + $5.00 s/h available from Jakob Franke, 424 Tappan Road, Northvale, NJ 07647-1418 jf31@colunbia.edu

  5. Chesapeake & Ohio Canal (MD) - Towpath Guide to the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal by Tom Hahn $ 16.00 available from Harpers Ferry Historical Association  www.harpersferryhistory.org/bookshop/industry

  6. C&O Companion by Mike High $ 17.95 in bookstores (including on line)

  7. Ohio & Erie Canal (OH) - Towpath Companion - 3rd edition for 2007 (Cleveland to New Philadelphia) by and from The Ohio & Erie Canal Corridor Coalition, 520 South Main Street, Suite 2452, Akron, OH 44311 www.ohioeriecanal.org $ 14.95 plus $ 3.55 S&H UPDATED

  8. Miami & Erie Canal (OH) - Travel Back in Time, Discover Ohio's Miami & Erie Canal - available by web download (pdf) at http://www.ohiodnr.com/water/canals

  9. Canal Parks, Museums, and Characters of the Mid-Atlantic by Kate Mulligan  $ 13.95 from Barnes and Noble (and other bookstores)

  10. Delaware & Hudson Canal (PA & NY) - A Guide to the Delaware & Hudson Canal by David G. Barber, $ 14.95 available from the National Canal Museum   www.canals.org

  11. Welland Canal (Ontario) - The Driver's Guide to the Welland Canal and The Driver's Guide to the Historic Welland Canals by Colin K. Duquemin, $ 12.00 (US) incl. postage, available from Colin K. Duquemin, 56 Highland Avenue, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2R 4J1

  12. Illinois & Michigan Canal (IL) - Hiking the Illinois & Michigan Canal and Exploring its Environs, Vol. 1, LaSalle to the Fox River, Vierling, Philip E., 1986

We welcome learning of others to list here.

Revised: 11/23/15