Spring '12

From the President

By David G. Barber

In the past issue of American Canals, we announced a joint field trip / conference with the Canal Society of New York State and the Canadian Canal Society in Hamilton, Ontario for June 22 - 24. Recently, it has become apparent that the costs for the planned event have risen so high that few would attend. So all involved have reluctantly decided to cancel further planning. I want to thank Bob Sears for all the hard work he has done in trying to put this together.

We had planned to hold the annual ACS Directors’ meeting as part of this weekend. Instead, it will be held after dinner on April 14th at the Canal Society of Indiana spring tour.

This is the second time in the last few years that we have tried to put together an event on the ACS level that would bring together canal enthusiasts from an area larger than one state to network and discuss canals. Many have felt the need to have something smaller, more local, and more affordable than the World Canals Conference. But, we have not come up with a workable format.

In light of this, I urge you to attend the events of your state canal society and those of a neighboring state society and those more local. ACS will continue to publish items and ideas on a larger geographic range and our web site will continue to work to be the best source of canal information on the internet. I continue to solicit any other ideas you may have.

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