Spring '13

From the President

By David G. Barber

Recently, I have been observing a lot of discussion of canal archives. It is very important that these be preserved into the future, but saying so is easier than achieving it. Many of us have accumulated items that need a home after we pass on, but it’s difficult to guarantee the future of repositories.

Fairly recently, the combined archives of the National Canal Museum and the Pennsylvania Canal Society became inaccessible due to budget cuts. But the relocation of the National Canal Museum to the Emrick Center seems to have resolved that issue. I also heard recently that many of the canal archives of the Canal Society of New York State have been moved from Albany to the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse. In Ohio, it was reported that canal archives are present at both Wright State University and the University of Akron.

In Massachusetts, there are Middlesex Canal materials at the University of Massachusetts Lowell library at the Mogen Cultural Center in Lowell, MA and at Harvard University. Materials on the Blackstone Canal are at both the Worcester Historical Society in Worcester, MA, and at the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence, RI. Archives on the Illinois and Michigan Canal and successors are at the Lewis University library in Romeoville, IL. I’m sure that there are others.

To help further the network, I’m establishing an archive page on the ACS web site. Please look at the page and email me with any additions that need to be made. Appropriate multiple listings for any state or canal are allowed.

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