Fall '04

A letter from the President

By David G. Barber

One of the things that the internet and our new web site allow us to do is to widely disseminate information such as our collection of index and structure sheets. These had been prepared during the 1960's and 1970's on many of the canals of North (and South) America, but not widely distributed. Now, you will find all of the sheets on our web site and available for printing by whomever needs them. Even if you do not have internet access, the sheets are available through any computer such as those at your local library.

This brings us to the next phase, that of increasing the coverage of the sheets and improving the accuracy and completeness of the information. In this, I can use everyone's help.

If you go to the web site and look at the index of Canada for example, you will see that we have greatly expanded the listing of Canadian canals beyond our library of index sheets courtesy of Bob Sears. He is also gradually providing new index sheets for the missing canals. In various states, I have been taking information I have received from various members and creating other new sheets and revising some others. The later increases the readability and accuracy. On some canals, I have been adding supplemental sheets of tables showing all the structures.

All of us have much information on the various canals we have studied that is not easily available to others. We need to organize this information and then get it out to the world.

So, I am asking the following. Please look at the state indexes and tell me what canals are missing. Then look at the actual index and structure sheets and inform me what is incorrect or missing from them. You can send me an email or print out the sheet and mark it up and forward it by mail. Whatever! Then start filling out more index and structure sheets.

This later step can be done several ways. If you have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, download the blank forms from our web site, fill them out, and email them to me. If you don't have the program, just download the form using the free reader, fill it out by hand, and mail it to me. Or, you can just look at the form and email or mail me the information. I'll get it in the correct place.

Also, if you have a spreadsheet of the structures (locks, aqueducts, dams, etc.) of a particular canal or can prepare one, email or mail it to me and I'll add it to the listing. If you have a map of a particular canal that you may have prepared for a tour or other event and that you would like to share with ACS, I'd like to get that also. I will give credit to the authors. The more information that we can get in the public's hands, the better we can protect the canals for the future.

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