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The American Canal Society is dedicated to Historic Canal Research, Preservation, Restoration, and Parks. The society was formed in 1972 to promote the wise use of America’s many historic canal resources through research, preservation, restoration, recreation, and parks. The society acts as a national clearing house of canal information and co-operates with local, state, and international canal societies, groups, and individuals to identify historic canal resources, to publicize canal history, activities, activities, and problems, and to take action on threatened canals and sites.

AMERICAN CANALS, the society’s illustrated quarterly, is an internationally distributed periodical covering canal news, history, activities, and practical information from America and around the world. It is a source of information and inspiration for canal buffs as well as for professional planners, historians, and archaeologists. Click here to see recent issues.

The American Canal Society’s on going projects include a national inventory of American canals and canal sites, a series of regional canal guides and other publications, and committees focusing on canal parks, canal engineering and maintenance, and navigable canal boating and restoration.

Canals and their locks, aqueducts and other “works of art” (as the canal engineers called them) are the ancient castles of the New World. They are monumental works, built for the ages, the product of time, sweat, even the lives of past generations. They represent the beginning of civil engineering and other commercial institutions. It is not an inheritance to be wasted. It is up to us to preserve the best of our past and to wisely use these historic resources. The “ditches” and towpaths of the past can be the quiet parkways of the present and future.  We solicit your support and involvement.

To join us, please print and mail the membership form. Membership includes a subscription to American Canals.

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