Blackstone Canal Mileposts

Blackstone Canal Mileposts

The Blackstone Canal had granite mileposts every mile. Presuming that the was a zero post in Providence, that would make a total of 49. Of these seven are known to remain.

The only remaining milepost in Rhode Island is # 8 along the Blackstone River Greenway  and the towpath, just north of Canoe Rock in Lincoln, RI .

The next known milepost is # 18 located along the east side of Factory Pond in Blackstone, MA, just north of the Route 122 bridge over the canal.

Milepost # 20 is lying face down on the west side of the canal north of Millville Lock in Millville, MA

Milepost # 24, was located a little south of Lower Taft Lock, but is now in the Worcester Historical Society’s warehouse.

Milepost # 25 is located in overgrowth south of the Mumford River in Uxbridge, MA.

Milepost # 28 is lying on its back along the towpath, mostly buried north of Goat Hill Lock in Northbridge, MA.

Milepost #37 is intact along the river and towpath east of Lock # 35 in Millbury, MA.

Other possible sites appear too disturbed for the markers to survive.