Canal Boat Certification

The American Canal Society (ACS) is pleased to sponsor a program to award formal certification to replica canal boats that meet its criteria of authenticity. Primary ACS criteria require that the boat is based on credible evidence of historical boats that operated in the particular local canal, and reasonable design efforts to replicate the external appearance of the boat in a historically authentic way. The purpose of certification is to recognize and promote historical accuracy in such boats by providing a suitable plaque for public display on the boat, thus assuring visitors that high standards of design and construction have been met.

All replica boats are eligible to apply for ACS certification by completing a Canal Boat Replica Certification Application Form (downloaded from the ACS web site) or from David Barber, 16 Ballou Road, Hopedale, MA 01747, or dgbarber@cs.com. Applications and related materials should be sent to Mr. Barber.

 Applications will be reviewed by the Canal Boat Committee and the ACS Board of Directors. Approved designs will be awarded an attractive, 9″ X 12″ weather-proof, gold-lettered plaque of certification for display on the boat, with the boat’s name prominently featured.

Canal Boat Replica criteria
Canal Boat Certification Application Form
Sample Plaque

The boats for which awards have been made are:

Lois McClure

The sailing canal boat Lois McClure, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

General Harrison of Piqua

The Miami & Erie Canal boat General Harrison of Piqua, Piqua, OH

OE st helena2.jpgSt. Helena 2

The Ohio & Erie Canal boat St. Helena II, Canal Fulton, OH

Revised 10/28/10