State Canal Historical Markers

State Canal Historical Markers

Several of the states crossed by historic canals have placed historical markers along their routes denoting the historic waterways. Some of these are indexed on the internet. An item published by the Canal Society of Indiana including research by Dan White began the list below.


Go to Then click on “Search Markers” and type in the keyword “canal”.


Go to  Check “Topic”. Then “Transportation””


Go to  Then click on “Transportation”

New York

Go to:  Markers are listed by county or all. Click on the all option and then use your browser’s “find” feature to search the list on “canal” or “lock”.

In recent years, the Canal Society of New York State has placed markers at several locations. These include:

1) The inlet lock of the Erie Canal on the west bank of the Hudson River just upstream of the swing railroad bridge in Albany

2) Buffalo Harbor

3) The junction of the Chenango Canal with the river in Binghamton, NY

4) Champlain Canal – Fort Miller Lock – the site of the ground breaking for the barge canal system


Go to  Click on “Read & Locate State Historical Markers“.  Type in keyword “canal”. There are three markers.


Go to  Click on “Marker Search” Type “canal” into keyword search. There are 89 markers.

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